3. Kolomenskoe.Journey into the Russian history
Meeting place: metro station “Kolomenskaya”, near the “Orbita” cinema theatre

Duration: 2 hours

Ending: the territory of the open - air museum “Kolomenskoe”

Guide: Eugene Stepanov

Price: 6000 rubles


As a century ago Kolomensloe has not yet lost its charm and still is the all-time favourite place of the Moscowites. 

The grand-ducal residency located on the astonishing and breath-taking sky-high turn of the river is considered to be a unique country seat of the Rurik and Romanov dynasties. It’s no coincidence that especially here the chef-d’oeuvre of the hipped stone art of building in Russia - the Church of the Ascension was constructed in the 16th century.  And a hundred years later those places were chosen for creation of the Eighth World Wonder - the wooden Palace of the Russian Tsar - Alexey Mikhailovich (Alexey the Most Quiet). 

Nowadays the territory of the museum in the open-air exposition includes five active Churches and the unique collection of wooden art of building. Kolomenskoe is not only the preserved territory but a real “time machine” that enables us to travel into the Russian history.

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