2. The underground palaces of the capital
Meeting place: metro station "Komsomolskaya"

Duration: 2 hours

Ending: metro station “Ploshad Revolutsyi”

Guide: Eugene Stepanov

Price: 6000 rubles


The Moscow metro is rightfully considered to be unique all over the globe. Our underground system is the most beautiful, the deepest, and the biggest in the world; a long time ago it was already acknowledge as the cultural heritage object.

Why did the capital choose its own way for development and the Soviet metro didn’t become the copy of the London’s tube, the Berlin’s open air metro and the Paris’ underground? How did the first kilometres of the tunnels appear under the ground? How was the job of the subway construction workers promoted? And what happen to the initial metro projects?

During our walking tour we will learn the secrets of the metro stations’ decoration: from where different kinds of marble were taken, how amazing mosaics and decoration elements appeared. Why was the mobile delivery department located on the metro station “Krasnye vorota”? Why was the state library situated on the metro station “Kurskaya”? Why was metro station “Mayakovskaya” used for one of the Communist Party Congresses?

The walking tour “The underground palaces of the capital” will teach us not to be bored while we are waiting for the train and to understand the decoration of the metro stations in the right way.

Main objects: the halls of  the first and second line of the constructions of the Moscow metro system (“Komsomolskaya”,  “Mayakovskaya”, “Kropotkinskaya”, “Ploshad Revolutsyi”, “Novokuznetskaya”).  

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